Back and Better Than Ever 

What is up Project Confidence community! Man have I missed you all and I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

I would like to start out by apologizing for my absence over the past couple of months. It was not a planned absence but it was one that needed to be taken. 

You see, I lost my purpose here. I lost sight of what my message was by trying to branch into too many areas. This site is not about changing you, but becoming the real you. 

Now-a-days media has everyone swept up in these “amazing transformations”. It even got to me. I wanted to transform my readers,  but that’s not what this site is about. 

So I sat back and saw that I was approaching this all wrong. To be happy, and to be self confident is not about transforming into a new person.

It’s about evolving. Evolving into the person that we really are. Breaking from our self oppression, and letting ourselves shine so bright we blind those who don’t accept it. 

That’s the message Project Confidence is going to push! 

So, moving forward I will be following and holding myself to three strict guidelines! 

1. Focus posts on self development and improvement, and sharing experiences from my own life. While fitness, nutrition, and style are branches of these, they are not my main concern at the moment. 

2. Post less often, but with higher quality. My posts are meant to inspire. I want to pave the way for everyone seeking self improvement. 

3. Set attainable goals. This way this site can continue its growth, and become the community I foresee it being. 

For those of you who have supported and stuck by me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those new followers coming on board, I thank you as well! 

Here’s to 2017, and to bringing out our real selves! 

P.S The featured image is myself over looking A valley in Arizona and taking in all the natural beauty. We live in an amazing world, and should always remember to take in the environment around us. 


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