There Is No Perfect

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Today I want to talk about perfection. I think we can agree that perfection is commonly used to determine partners, or what we’re good at. People always say “She’s the perfect one for me” (but wait.. what’s her name?), or something like “I’m such a people person, I should be a teacher” (actually school is boring, so never mind).

I suppose it is human nature to find that “perfect” fit. After all as a kid we are taught to put a block in the block spot and a circle in the circle spot, because those are where they fit. Everything needs to be sorted together, aligned in a perfectly neat pile. Draw inside the lines.

Uh, excuse me, no thanks. Perfection is a myth. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say that again.

Perfection is a MYTH!

That one felt better. Seriously though. Try defining perfection. Does it mean there are no flaws? Does it mean that it can do no wrong? Well if those are the definitions how many things out there are actually “perfect”. The correct answer is.. Zero.

Now, if you read that last line you might have thought that some person X was perfect. That person may be perfect for your own individual life and your life together and the relationship that you two have, but they are certainly not perfect. Every person has their flaws, it is my belief that these flaws are what make us unique. If you look at flaws this way it takes them from being something we look down on, and turns them into advantages.

Example: Let’s say you have a flaw. That flaw is being too clingy. Clingy to partners you have a relationship with, or just to material objects, that doesn’t really matter. However if you look at being clingy as a bad thing and think you’ll never find someone that likes this about me or blah blah blah, then it’s going to bring you down. But, if you say instead that the person I am and the flaws that I have (being clingy), make me who I am, and there is someone out there that will love who I am, it becomes just another characteristic. Even an advantage because now those people who wont appreciate that aspect of you, wont bother you because you don’t care if they don’t like it.

Another point that I really want to make here is this: Putting yourself into a mindset where perfection is nonexistent, allows you to accept yourself. Myself, some friends and family, and even just some readers, tell me that they struggle with confidence because they have this flaw. Whatever that flaw may be, it is what leads them to not feeling confident.

A flaw can be anything. Honestly I consider my boring name (Mark Smith, if you didn’t already know that) to be a flaw. It makes me feel sometimes that I won’t be able to separate myself from the rest of the Mark Smiths already on this world. For a while that flaw bothered me and took away my confidence. So I had to look at it from a different perspective. Instead I choose to think that my name enables me to be more easily remembered. You’ll probably be able to keep a simple name like Mark in your mind longer than someone’s you cant pronounce. That was another plus, when people who don’t know me see my name they can say it easily without messing it up (although one teacher did manage to say it wrong during attendance).

Allowing yourself to accept flaws in yourself, allows you to be free. It takes away the handicap that is perfection.

I would also like to address those people who may have read this and called BS the whole way through. The people who may think, and are totally free to think, that perfection is real and something we should always strive for. I know you’re out there, so if you just skimmed to this point cause you think this is all bogus, these next few paragraphs are for you (you’re welcome)!

First of all, if perfection is real than it is at the very least undefinable. It’s an opinion based idealogy. Not everyone will have the same opinion on what is perfect and what is not. Just like some of you might find my humor funny, and some might not (sorry if you don’t, but I am hilarious if I do say so my self).

Second. If you do believe that there is this perfection, why put the stress in your life of trying to reach it? Striving to be perfect causes more issues than good for people. It may motivate you to an extent, but it can just as easily take over and ruin a life.

Third and final point, perfection is an unattainable goal. You can never truly be perfect. So why bother going for perfect. Why not just be the best version of yourself that you can be?

There are still people that argue saying “well athletes are always striving for perfection, they know they can’t be perfect but they let that drive them and it’s what makes them so good.”. BS. There genes help them be so good. They also have sacrificed a lot of time in their lives and put a lot of stress on themselves to get to that point. Yes it paid off, but for the majority of people it is simply not a realistic life style or mindset to go by.

To end I’d like to say, very proudly, that I am not perfect. Nor do I ever strive to be perfect. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it to every person I talk to; You are the most important person in your life. Be the best damn (sorry for the language) version of you that you can be, and live the best life. You only get one.

I hope this article made more connections for people. Remember to always like share and follow (if you’re not already). Thank you to those of you who have followed and contacted or connected with me. I really appreciate everyone.

Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “There Is No Perfect

  1. Beautiful post! One think I fought against, (and well, we all still fight against) is perfection, but once I heard a perfect (oops, 🙂 ) post, saying if your partner was ‘perfect’, then why would he/she live with someone else who’s full of problems? Your blog is so beautiful, I love every post you write, it’s perfect (well, as perfect as it can be haha).

    Liked by 1 person

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