Who Are You?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday morning! This post was actually written Friday night, so last night, (yeah I’m coming at you from the past, spooky stuff right?) because I knew I had to work all day today but I’m working on releasing content every other day. Have no fear, the quality of the content will never be harmed in the making of these articles, even if they are done late at night on an empty stomach.

I’m starting with a lighter opening because the rest of this article is going to be on a serious topic. It’s going to lay out the first step onto the path of change. I told you I’m the funny but serious guy (laugh here), so here’s my serious side.

Have you ever looked into your reflection, seen that person staring back at you and asked “who are you?”. I know I have. It hurts when this happens. It’s basically rock bottom.

The process of developing confidence starts with self discovery. You need to know who you are. I don’t mean the person whose struggling with confidence and feels down on themselves or whatever have you. I mean the real you! The awesome, cool, super confident and amazing you that’s just dying to be let free!

You see, even in the most unconfident people, there is a part of them that’s dying to get out. That’s where the “struggle” is coming from.The real you is in there, battling for freedom from whatever is oppressing him/her.

So, if you’re feeling that you are struggling with confidence, that’s actually a good thing. It means you know you’re not being who you really are.

The answer seems simple now right? Let’s find the real you and save him! Well yes that’s that right answer, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

Finding the real you starts with these two steps.

  1. Discovering who the real you is.
  2. Finding what’s oppressing the real you.

Discovering the real you can be difficult. It’s hard to find someone you don’t know. We often have a lot of negative thoughts that are fogging our image of who we are. You need to be persistent, and patient. Push aside the negative beliefs you may have, and look at who you are. Don’t be afraid of it, the real you is amazing and beautiful. I promise, when you do find that person you’re meant to be, it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Hold onto that happiness you get when you find yourself, and don’t let it go for anything. It will boost you through the rest of your confidence development

The second step, finding what is oppressing the real you, is actually pretty easy. Remember all that fog and those negative thoughts? That’s the oppression. All along the real you was inside, fighting that fog, looking for you, so that you can be whole.

It’s my belief that without confidence we are not entirely ourselves, and that once we find our selves, and what was holding us back, we become whole again. It’s a very freeing experience, and one that you’ll always hold onto.

So, as I said through out the article, none of this is easy. It’s also just the beginning of developing a strong confidence. Once you have the real you, it’s time to get that fog out of your life. Of course I’ll be posting articles down the line on how to do this. So, I’ll end this article with the three tips that helped me find myself.


First is personal time. Find some place where you can be alone and that you feel comfortable. Use this time and this place to dig around your brain. I personally do this in my shower. I started thinking of what was holding me back. From there I started to think about how to change that, even use them to my advantage. After a while, my showers started becoming a time where I would plan my future, and how I would accomplish my goals in life.

Second is having a support system. Someone, or a small group of people, who you can talk to anything about and who will help you keep going. The journey isn’t easy, and you will at times need someone to talk to. For me it was my parents and my girlfriend. If you don’t think you have anyone you feel comfortable enough sharing this with, I can be that person. It is sometimes easier to share with a stranger than it is with people close to you.

The last tip is a mental trick. I had to picture myself changing to a new person, to be able to actually do it. Mindset is extremely important. If you go into something thinking you’re going to fail, you probably will. I wont sugar coat that. However, if you go into this journey with an open mind, knowing you can change and that it is possible, than you will succeed.

That’s all for today’s post. I hope that at least some part of this can resonate with you and help you answer the ever important question: who are you?

Thanks for following me and sharing with me your journey’s! As always if you ever want to talk feel free to email me, and have a great day!


Image courtesy of http://www.pastormattrichard.com/2015/12/who-are-you.html








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